Hair extensions and wigs have been around for centuries. Ancient civilizations like ancient Egyptians wore extensions and wigs to adorn their heads. This fact has been proven with ancient artifacts and paintings of these masterpieces. They have been used in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. They can be subtle and seamless or they can be dramatic and extreme! 

Photo by British Library

Extensions are available in just about every color and texture you can think of. No matter the gender, race or ethnicity, there are extensions that are available to suit the needs of everyone.

Although hair extensions and wigs are used by millions globally, there is an ongoing argument that extensions are used to cover up the insecurities of many. Some people believe that extensions should not be worn and those that wear them are seen as self-hating.

Photo by Ismail Hadine

Honestly speaking, this stigma may be true for a select few, but for the vast majority, hair extensions offers versatility without longterm commitment. Another perk of hair extensions and wigs is the protective styling they offer. For instance, an individual may want to try blonde hair. The process of bleaching hair to blonde, especially for individuals with dark hair, can be EXTREMELY damaging. It often times takes multiple chemical applications to achieve the look, and requires lots of TLC and Maintenance. The risks associated with such a daring color or style can be mitigated with the use of extensions and wigs. People can achieve the styles they desire without causing severe and permanent damage to their crowns.

In conclusion, like many other things we choose to use and consume, extensions and wigs are a choice which anyone should be able to choose without feeling guilty for doing so. As long as you are true to who you are and you love you for you, in the words of many greats before us, "Do you boo!!!!" 

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